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Selfie Game Strong: An App To Edit Your Everyday Portraits!

Looking to take better selfies and/or portraits of you and your friends? Then this next featured app is for you. Make your portraits stand out with FaceTune. FaceTune allows you to smooth out skin, remove marks, whiten teeth, and so much more.  Now we all can remove those unwanted pimples and marks that keep your photos from looking as great as they could be.  Also (even though I’m not a fan of this feature) FaceTune also has the tools to allow you to reconstruct your face however you like…. but in my opinion, you all’s facial structures are fine the way they are.

But anyways, let’s check out some more of the dope features below:

Teeth whitening

Feel free to brighten up your beautiful smiles and spread a little bit of joy on your timelines!

Smooth Skin

Smooth out your skin to give your portraits a nice little glow!

Improved Details

Bring out those eyes and other features a lot more with the detail tool.

Dope right? … and these are just a few of the apps selfie capabilities.  So if you are looking to improve your iPhone portrait photography and/or your own personal shots, then definitely make your way over to the app store to try this one out for sure!

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