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When I first began my photography journey, all I had was an iPhone 4, a dollar, and a dream. 98% of the time I was capturing shots with my phone and had to find ways to make them look the way I wanted them too.  From the perfect level of exposure to multiple versions of myself in one photo, I found ways to make my visions come to life all on this little device.  Looking back at the size of the phones now, it’s hard to imagine that I was able to use it for anything at all.  Ever since then a lot of people have been asking me what apps do I use to edit my pictures, if any.  And with all the apps that are out now, I’m sure it is hard to locate the ones that will supply you with the tools that you need. With that being said, I thought I would finally take the time to share a few of the applications I keep on my phone to assist me with my iPhone edits.  Also, now that the iPhone 7 Plus has blessed the world with its smooth camera abilities, I’m sure these apps will definitely play an even better role towards your selfie game!

The first app on has to be the champ Snapseed.  Because it was the first app that I started to utilize for my photos it’s only right that it holds down the NUMBER ONE SPOT! *Insert Luda Voice*

(Corny …. I know, forgive me)

I actually didn’t find this one on my own.  One of my friends was adding a certain HDR effect to all of his photos, and knowing me, I had to find out how.


This app has tools for cropping your photos, rotating them around and around, and adding anything you want to say on the photo with the text button option.

Dope Right? …… not at all.  I’m sure all of our phones can already do those basic needs, but the real question is, can your phone do the below?

  • Remove marks and items from the image
  • Lighten or darken certain areas of the photo
  • Create smooth glamorous looking skin

That’s right!  The app comes with a brush to remove unwanted marks, a dodge and burn tool, glamour glow effects, image blurring, multiple filters, and other awesome perks that are usually found in Photoshop.

With the ability to edit the whole photo or just certain areas, this app is definitely a must-have for your iPhone photography app arsenal.

Next up, is the smooth photo sidekick known as VSCO.


VSCO not only comes with awesome vintage/film like edits, but it provides you with a small phone DSLR.  What do I mean by this?  The app’s camera allows you to play around with three of the most important aspects when it comes to photography… ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. Whatcha think about that?

Oh, and I’m not done yet.  VSCO also provides you with a community of photographers as well so you won’t feel alone on your visual journey.

I enjoy this app for the cool film like filters that they provide along with the ability to store some of my images within the app to change my edits later on in the future.  This photo editor/community app is truly a go-to tool when you want to keep your images smooth and simple.

I know we all wish we had magic powers or could do magic at one point in our lives.  Well, this last app for today shows you how to use one touch to make something disappear.


Just as the name states, this one app allows you to remove objects, blemishes, and more from your iPhone images.  No more random people photobombing your photos. With a few touches … they’re gone!  This magical editing app is quick to use with very little effort.  No more items ruining your photos. Tap it out asap with this handy tool.

Out of the three apps listed, this is the only one that comes with a cost.  A smooth $1.99 and the app is all yours.

*** As a matter of fact, I enjoy this app so much, that I will purchase the app (That’s right the WHOLE $1.99 lol) for 5 randomly selected individuals who can locate the two changes in the image below.  All you have to do is email me your answers and leave a comment under this post. ***


With these three apps, you will have the tools to take your iPhone photos to a different level.  From removal tools to awesome looking filters use these apps to release your dope visuals and personality out into the social media world.  Also, let me know what you think below about this post and the apps provided, and I’ll see about doing another one on the apps I use to bring out more of my creative side!

Until next time …….Stay Smooth!

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